Savvy Travel Adventures from My Lens


You are now traveling with The Travelpreneur!

Life is a trip!  An awesome journey that takes you to places you never expected or even imagined.   After working for an airline for 17 years (not as a flight attendant) and traveling over 700K miles, I never anticipated having a life as a freelance marketing/social media consultant, travel blogger, and luxury hotel employee.  It’s the journey of life that God has taken me so far.

This blog is a place for me to share my journey and document my travel experiences transparently.  I blog whenever I get the urge.  Here I will post my photos, travel stories, travel tips, blogging tips, quotes, life lessons and anything I find inspirational and positive.   I’ve also connected with so many fascinating people during my travels – people that I’m privileged to call friends.

Life is an incredible gift, enjoy every single minute!  I hope you enjoy your time here, but before you do, here’s some information ABOUT ME…



Travel blogger….


Fly Girl…….

Marketing guru…

Positive thinker….

Apple geekette…

Passion for photography….

Social media enthusiast…you may follow me on Twitter and Pinterest

Retired airline employee…

Living my truth…

Loves:  beaches, dogs, cupcakes, champagne, sunsets, gardening, jazz & loving LIFE…..

Hooked on the Caribbean….

Anguilla = HOME

Always packed….

Good to go….

I am because I TRAVEL….


~ Jeanene

One response

  1. bobmielke

    I find your blog refreshing and uplifting. I’ve checked off the follow option and bookmarked your blog. I’ll check in at least once a day, an advantage of being retired and a very early riser. I’ve travelled a lot in my life although I’ve only been to half a dozen countries. I’ve put over 500,000 miles on open highways with my motorcycling. An avid life-long photographer I never go anywhere without a camera, even McDonald’s. I hope to see you in the blogosphere as we both enjoy our worlds. Thanks for visiting. – Bob

    January 9, 2013 at 7:38 AM

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