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Drink Spotlight: Myra’s Mango Bananza

Today, I will be highlighting my very favorite Caribbean drink, found only in Anguilla.  Myra’s Mango Bananza is a specialty frozen drink made by Da Vida’s very own bartender Myra Richard.   I was first introduced to Myra in Anguilla about 5 years ago on Shoal Bay beach, tried the drink and the rest is history.    It tastes like mango, banana, and maybe a little egg nog….awesome.  Here is a sampling of Myra’s special ingredients, made only as she can:

Dark Rum, Bailey’s, Banana, Mango Puree, Cream of Coconut, a hint of Nutmeg.  If you even decide to visit Anguilla, please be sure to visit Da Vida’s restaurant, and try Myra’s Mango Bananza….Cheers.


One response

  1. I agree that Myra’s drink is one of the best on the island!

    July 2, 2012 at 8:54 AM

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