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What would the world be missing without you in it?

Time is flying by, it’s almost the end of summer.  Summer is my favorite time of year.  I love the sun, sandals, BBQs, flowers, outdoor bistros…Where did the time go?  I begin today with the question…..What would the world be missing without you in it?    Each of us are unique, with our own set of gifts and talents.  What would the world be missing without you in it?  This is key to understanding what makes YOU authentically YOU, and living with gratitude for who you are, not what you have.  As we all know, the material stuff comes and goes, but the authentic self is here to stay.  Its family, true friends, and pets that love us unconditionally in this journey called life.

For me personally, my gifts are abundant and still growing as I grow older.  I have left my footprints with my photography (what I am most proud of), my global travel experiences (documented here in this blog), my flowers (the love and hard work to make my roses bloom every year in my yard), the friendships I’ve cultivated over time and distance, my love for technology gadgets (everything Apple and sharing with others who want my advice), my love for cupcakes (stories documented on Twitter), my love of live jazz (attending concerts to patronize the contemporay jazz art form),  my love of champagne (mimosas keep life interesting), my love and passion for everything Caribbean (my second home and yes I’m Caribbean at heart), my generosity and giving spirit,  my thirst for reading and knowledge (articles shared daily on Twitter), and finally my love of aviation/airlines/airplanes (loving being on a plane, taking pictures of planes, watching takeoffs and landings).  I have yet to write my story, but I will write a book, one day.  So now it’s your turn, what would the world be missing without you in it?

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