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2014: Passport to Happiness

Welcome to 2014….Passport to Happiness begins here:)

“It might seem crazy what I’ve about to say.  Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof.  Because I’m Happy.  Clap along if you feel happiness is the truth.    Because I’m Happy.  Clap Along if you know what Happiness is to You.    Can’t Nuttin Bring Me Down.  Because I’m Happy.”  ~ Pharrell

Happiness seems to be THE song of 2014.  It’s everywhere.  Gotta love it!  So, I have not written in a very long time.  Too long.  The topic on my brain is PASSPORT TO HAPPINESS.  So we need a passport to travel, right?  So how many of us have discovered the Passport to Happiness?  Happiness is not a destination, it’s so about the journey.

Happiness can be found in the least likely places.  For me, I’ve learned it is not about “material” things.  For me, I’ve found happiness in traveling to exotic places, seeing a child’s smile, feeling the love of my dog every time I come home, seeing my roses bloom, reaching out to help someone who may need a hug, meal, or word of encouragement, and in my prayers for friends, family, and loved ones.  You see I am not a millionaire, I have never had a mansion, never driven a Bentley, never flown on a private jet, never been CEO, supermodel, or a celebrity’s wife, not Oprah, not Beyonce….none of what we define as glamourous and beautiful. What I learned….my passport to happiness starts right within me.  It is not determined by my bank account, looks, size, wallet, address, title, or marital status.  My passport to happiness may be different from yours, because we are all uniquely made.  For me, happiness is gratitude, love (love of myself and for others), giving (giving back), peace, living in a positive state of mind and staying in tune with my Creator.  I am exactly where I am supposed to be.  I’m HAPPY!  Happiness is not a destination, it’s about the journey.  Happiness is the truth.

I will write more in 2014!  I have more stories to tell.

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