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Photo Gallery: Welcome Virgin 787 to Atlanta!

IMG_3964Photo courtesy of:  Sylvester Pittman, Airline Guys

AJC article | “Absolutely beautiful, the sheer monster size of it”

Today the Atlanta Journal/Constitution is featuring an article on the A380’s arrival at Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson International Airport.  You might ask why this is important?  Last Sunday, September 1st, was the first landing of Korean Airlines flight 35 from Seoul, Korea to Atlanta.  For av geeks (aviation geeks) like myself, this is big news.   I was there to witness the special moment in Atlanta’s aviation history and took lots of pictures, which I shared here and on Twitter and Instagram.

To read the article, click “Absolutely beautiful, the sheer monster size of it”.  The piece focuses on av geeks.  My friends’ the Airline Guys are prominently featured and there is a quote from yours truly.   Travel blogging started for me in 2012, and I can honestly say that when the travel bug bit me at age 14, I never anticipated that one day I would have the opportunity to share my travel ideas, opinions, and photos with others on my own own blog, Twitter world or in a major local publication.  I end by encouraging other bloggers to keep pressing and stay focused on blogging about your passions.



Photo Gallery: Rainy day at the Airport…



ATL Opens New Maynard Jackson Intl Terminal

ATL Opens New Maynard Jackson Intl Terminal

Sources:  USA Today and WXIA Channel 11

The new terminal has lots of view of the tarmac, runway, and airplanes.  If you’re interested in seeing the new terminal, click here to watch video coverage from WXIA Channel 11.


ATL Airport: Bumpy Ride to New Terminal

ATL Airport: Bumpy Ride to New Terminal

Source:  Atlanta Journal/Constitution

Today is opening day for the new Maynard Jackson International Terminal at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.  It’s an exciting moment for the City of Atlanta, that has been 10 years in the making.   Looking forward to traveling to and from the new terminal.  To read more, click on the link above.