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Travel Tip: Traveling Solo with Savvy….

To keep it totally real, how many of us have ever traveled solo?  Alone.  Without spouse, children, friends, pets…..   I begin with the question, who says traveling alone cannot be fun?  It’s bold, it’s adventurous, and actually can be fun.  I am one of the minority tried and true solo travelers.  Some of my very best trips have been alone.    I choose to travel alone sometimes.  Why?  Because sometimes I just need to do me.  Relax, rejuvenate, and unwind without the pressures of trip planning and fulfilling others expectations.  Traveling solo really is one of the best kept secrets:)

This post is really to share with other travelers that it really is OK to travel solo.   Not having a spouse or travel companions should not deter anyone from enjoying the experience that is a vacation.    When I recently travelled to Anguilla, I was traveling solo.  So much fun relaxing on the beach, attending cocktail parties, boating, making new friends, and simply being me, on my time and on my schedule.    I would advise women traveling alone to always be mindful of your surroundings, avoid consuming too much alcohol (enough said) , choose your hotel accommodations wisely (research and reviews on Tripadvisor), and avoid broadcasting that you’re traveling alone (so you don’t get unwanted male visitors at all hours of the night).  By all means enjoy yourself.   Traveling savvy means travel with an air of confidence, enjoy your trip, meet new people, find things to absorb your time and interests, discover new cuisine, but most importantly embrace the experience.

Life is meant to be lived fully.  Laugh.  Smile.  Love.  Be true to yourself.  Don’t put off a day of your life waiting for the right moment.  There is no right moment.  Don’t put off that vacation you’ve always wanted to take, to wait for a spouse, lover, friend, or relative to travel with you.  JUST GO!    Calling all solo travelers….travel savvy!